James Fuller

Executive Inside Sales

Outgoing inside sales executive driven to make the best of life and to become a better person while guiding others to do the same. Committed to being respectful and ethical. Enjoys facilitating peers’ personal and professional growth, while helping them to become a better version of themselves. Aspires to a legacy as one who is driven to succeed and focused on never giving up.

An inside sales executive who possesses nearly two decades of experience, James Fuller is currently a senior advanced client solutions manager at ReputationDefender in Tempe, Arizona. Mr. Fuller serves as the primary customer-facing representative at the company, where he provides online-reputation management services to individuals and businesses. He draws on his extensive product knowledge and analytical and social skills to assist clients, in addition to helping management to improve products and services by collecting and relaying customer feedback. His other duties range from overseeing sales from start to close and tracking customer communications, as well as prospecting new clients and handling inbound sales calls.

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